Tuesday, May 1, 2018

3 Nofollow Tips: Incoming Link Building Approach

Here is my blab on the way I go about building backlinks:

1. I attack Google Analytics to find the backlinks that give my website the most traffic. Then I visit those sites, to maybe work on ways to balloon more traffic.

2. I do not always avoid sites that expose my backlink as a nofollow. I just consider the amount of traffic I get. E.g., Say on a fictional traffic ranking system of 1 to 100: When my link is a nofollow, and I get zero hits a month, I subtract 60. When my link is a nofollow, and I get 2 hits a month, I subtract 3. (Traffic is more important than the nofollow tag.)

3. Building backlinks is only the 1st focus at social sites, when registering. The focus after that is creating online relationships built on trust, teaching and learning. Traffic comes from your popularity. Without trust, you run the risk of being banned.

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