Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Future of Nofollow Tag

Making Unethical SEO More Difficult

There is a good possibility that the nofollow attribute may be phased-out soon. The reason for this is found by first looking at engines' priorities of SERPs: Keyword phrase being searched must be relevant to results.

The nofollow attribute was born from Matt Cutts of Google team of SEO spam workers, not from the maintainers of core engine algorithms.

If engines simply downgrade all web sites that are easy to post a link to, then there should be less need for the nofollow attribute.

The nofollow is simply an extra idea on reducing spam that is unnessesary.

Engines like when their algorithms function effectively. One thing they are experimenting with is the nofollow attribute. This html tag is in existence to reduce irrelevant outgoing links. When a web page has good hyper-text matching it shows page quality. In simple terms, the nofollow tag reduces link spam producing higher quality SERPs.

Before the nofollow, webmasters had more of a fiduciary (position of trust) role in maintaining quality web content. The spam occurs when webmasters place their link on another site with an irrelevant theme to theirs.

There is a need for the nofollow attribute, in the area of blog posting. Blogs show too much irrelevancy with outgoing links, mostly attatched to the Name field of users who post.

What engines could be seeing now is a reduction in the usefulness of blogs. Most these sites, from what I see, are not the best literature in the world. Also the freeness (being of no cost to user) of blogs makes them less likely to have useful resources and services.

If engines downgrade the blog and all other sites that are easy to post a link to, then there should be less need for the nofollow attribute. In other words a better change to engine algorithms may be to give a penalty to sites that allow large amounts of free link posting.

We all should help engines find ways to make unethical SEO more difficult. Getting rid of the nofollow will happen when webmasters show more respect for hyper-text matching.

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