Monday, August 3, 2015

Priorities of a Search Engine

We can gage search engines' priorities, looking at their terms and conditions. We can also look at the things they implement, like the nofollow attribute.

We know that relevant keyword results in SERPs (search engine result pages) are a priority. That is an easy one.

From my experience with doing keyword searches, I can say that engines have improved their result pages over the last few years. My guess is that they have been successfully combating the SEO's ability to trick the algorithms for higher keyword rank. Keyword relevancy is important to engine user satisfaction.

The nofollow attribute is in existence for the benefit of all engine users. It helps to reduce unrelevant web pages coming up in the SERPs.

I am thankful for the nofollow tag because it reduces engine spam. I too use engines to search. I do not just use it to promote my web site.

Useful resources and services located at the top of all keyword searches is the ultimate goal of search engines. A useful web page is one that users need based on their keyword search.

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