Monday, May 5, 2008

Dofollow Blog List

Webmasters use the nofollow attribute to make their site more search engine friendly. The negative side to this attribute is that the one posting does not get credit for a backlink for popularity reasons. What the nofollow tells engines is that the link its attatched to is not completely intended to add value to the web page.

Webmasters Who Want to Remove nofollow can see DoFollow Plug In for Wordpress.

My advice to posters is make sure links that are placed on another's page, most of the time, relates to the theme. Anything else is possible spam. When you visit a blog or forum, take a genuine interest in the subject being talked about. This will keep everyone satisfied with your comment. If you don't know the subject, do a keyword search at Google and take 5 minutes to educate youself.

Good comment writing is key to a successful career in search engine optimization. Make sure and offer insights from experience in the subject to your post.

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